Oil Paintings Old

These Paintings are for sale. Contact the Artist diana@troxell.com Or my phone number 530 524 9664
Layers of Time 3 feet x 2 feet Available in Crescent City, The Gallery of Arts and Culture
Marshlands in South Carolina 18″ x 24″ Available
Tunnel of Lace 18″ x 24″ Available
A Walk in the Green 16″ x 20″ Available
The Mathematics of Farming 20″ 24″ Available

Barn With Flooded Field 18″ x 24″ Available
The Burn Pile 12″ x 16″ Available
McKerricher Park 18″ 24″ Available
California Samoa This Painting is in Crescent City, Ca, The Gallery of Arts and Culture
Another Roadside Attraction
North Coast Blues 18″ x 36″ $850 Shipping Included
Blinding Light in Winter 18″ x 24″ Available
The Water’s Path 14″ x 18″ Available
Misty Shore, Santa Cruz Available